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Working with Polish theatre director Grzegorz Bral, Guy has composed music for three productions, including Tracy Letts ‘AUGUST: Ossage County’ (Teatr Studio, Warsaw, 2012) and ’Blackbird‘ by David Harrower, (Teatr Norwida, Jelenia Gora, 2013). He has composed for and performed with Bral’s award winning, internationally acclaimed Piesn Kosla (Song of the Goat) Theatre group in Wroclaw, Poland. ‘Portraits of the Cherry Orchard’, based on Chekhov’s classic, features an original score by Guy in collaboration with Polish composer, Maciej Richly. The production has been positvely reviewed and very well received at international theatre festivals in Wuhzen, China and Warsaw, Poland and recently in Georgia at the Tiblisi International Festival of Theatre.   
Guy Pearson is a composer, pianist and producer who has contributed to numerous soundtracks for theatre, documentary film & television.   His recording projects feature compositions for piano and original settings of poetry to music.  Available albums on CD and digital platforms include, Somewhere Across The Water (issimo 2008), a collection of pieces for solo piano and GLAD DAY, (issimo 2010) an album based on the poetry of William Blake. Composed as a fantasy for piano, voice and orchestra, GLAD DAY has been praised, receiving a generous compliment from Judith Weir, composer and Master of the Queen’s music who commented ‘ seems right for the Blake poetry whilst coming from an unexpected direction.’ 2016 has also seen the completion of Guy’s latest work, ‘ALBION: Songs from Adversity’ in which he continues to pursue an interest in poets of the late 18th and early 19th centuries.  Performances are being planned for the Autumn. Please check out the Events page for more information.
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‘….something to both delight and set one thinking.           It’s concerts like this, at once enterprising and                   informal that are the true spirit of music-making.                                                                      
October 2015 Song of the Goat Theatre Wuhzen Theatre Festival, China ‘Portraits of the Cherry Orchard'
July 8 2016 Song of the Goat Theatre Brave Festival  Wroclaw Poland ‘Portraits of the Cherry Orchard'
Bryce Morrison, Music Journalist
October 4/5 2016 Song of the Goat Theatre Tiblisi International Festival, Georgia ‘Portraits of the Cherry Orchard'
Guy Pearson’s epic musica spans a two hundred and fifty year history in which artists, philosophers and poets  have endured in a quest  for truth.
A centuries old tradition has revealed the Poets as guardian spirits, witness to the mood of common people and the times in which they lived; the day to day struggle and pain of existence, the fight for justice. POETS, KINGS & CONSCIENCE introduces a musical work in which the composer has sought to capture the emotional intensity expressed within the poetry. A collection of original settings to music written for voice and instrumental accompaniment, it provides a powerful listening experience and the opportunity to reflect upon the times in which we ourselves live. 
Guy Pearson
2017 - coming soon Albion Unbound: Prologue POETS, KINGS & CONSCIENCE ’Songs from Adversity'
songs from adversity
William    Blake
‘Seems just right for the Blake poetry, while coming from an unexpected direction’...’                                                                              Judith Weir, Composer  ‘ impressive piece of work, passionate and superbly put together  ...very infectious....’                                                                              John Sugar, independent producer to the BBC ‘.....plaintive, beautiful, and powerful settings of some of Blake's most haunting and memorable songs and poems. Very striking. These are surely some of the most beautiful settings of Blake songs ever recorded.’                                                          Rod Tweedy, Author ‘One of Blake's great gifts to the world is his 'Songs' of the most beautiful I have heard is by Guy Pearson. ‘                                                                                                             Tim Heath, Chair of The Blake Society                                                                 ‘I think this is the first time that I've been prompted by a Blake cover to  revisit thesource material..... Glad Day is an album that I'm very pleased  to have in my library.....track 13, a cover of the Songs of Experience "Introduction" and "To Tirzah" is exquisite’                                                                                                                                Paige Morgan, literary education                                                                         ‘Pearson provides some extremely interesting interpretations designed to capture elements of Blake’s art or poetry.’                                                           Jason Whittaker, Professor of Blake Studies, Falmouth                                                                        
Performances & recording of original musical settings to poetry by
Poet and painter, prophet and visionary, William Blake remains one of the truly original, great British poets. Neglected in his own lifetime he died in poverty. He expressed a caring concern for his fellow man through his art and his legacy would be to inspire and guide the spirits of future generations. GLAD DAY is a powerful and uplifting musical experience. Capturing the spirit of Blake’s work, it continues to champion one of London’s finest artists as an important and influential part of our cultural heritage and to celebrate this internationally loved and often misunderstood figure.